LIC Policy Online

In the digital age, the good old Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India has found a solution for you. Now, you can buy LIC policies online in a few clicks. There are several benefits of buying LIC policies online. For a customer who is comfortable using the internet and has some experience of having made an online purchase, buying life insurance online is an easy and a logical option. It’s fast, easy and secure. Just fill in the details and make the payment through Internet Banking.


With millions of internet users in the nation today, who use the online platform to buy everything, it is little wonder that they are open to buying online life insurance polices too. The life insurance sector is very much a part of the rise of e-commerce in India. Buying a new policy online is gaining popularity across the nation. Here are some reasons why you should opt for online insurance plans.

Buy from the safety of your home 

Covid -19 has transformed our way of living in many ways today. Meeting new people to buy a policy is no more considered safe or feasible. So buying your insurance policy from the comfort of your house is a great advantage without having to step out.

Empowering the customer

Customers who are willing to make an online purchase can get all the information regarding the product on the website. Policy features, tenure and riders clearly mentioned to make an informed decision.

However, as much as buying LIC insurance online comes with many benefits, the customer may still need handholding. You may need assistance to choose a plan suited for your needs. You can reach us via chat, email or customer care number provided to help you decide. If any extra information needed to choose the right plan for you please do reach our with your specific requirements


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