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POLICY VALUE (Sum Assured)
1. Money Back at 5th Year: 20% of Sum Assured lic bonus
2. Money Back at 10th Year: 20% of Sum Assured lic bonus
3. Money Back at 15th Year: 20% of Sum Assured lic bonus
4. Money Back on 20th Year:
40% of Sum Assured +   Bonus + Loyalty Additions : + + lic bonus
BENEFIT 1: Total TAX FREE Returns from this plan lics moneyback plan 920 maturity amount
BENEFIT 2 : Aproximate maximum loan available loan on lic policy

Note: Bonus and Final Additional Bonus (FAB) are calculated till the term as on death year.

On death before th year (Plan Maturity) :
1. Guaranteed Life Insurance lic bonus
2. If Accidental Rider Opted: DAB will be paid lic bonus +  
3. Accumulated Bonus+ FAB Buy lic plan online +  
Total payable to nominee = 1 + 2 + 3 (TAX FREE): Lic moneyback plan 920 death benefit
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LIC Money Back Plan Online (920)

India's most popular and flexible LIC plan

Benefits of money back plan

LIC Money back plan is a flexible plan with an attractive combination of protection against death throughout the policy term along with periodic payouts.

a)Money Back:Money Back or periodic payouts are given every 5 years to the policyholder throughtout the policy term. 20% of Basic Sum Assured in given as the moneyback in this plan.
b)Maturity benefit:In case the policyholder survives the policy period, maturity given will be the remaining 40% of the  Basic Sum Assured+Bonus Accurued.
c) Tax benefit:LIC Moneyback helps you reduce your taxable income by investing up to Rs.1.5 lakh under Section 80C.The claims or maturity and the money back amount received are also tax free under 10(10D).
d) Riders:You can choose from a variety of Riders. Accidental Rider is most commonly opted. For a nominal premium, get double your Basic Sum Assured.

Eligibility Conditionsto buy LIC Money Back Plan Online

a)Minimum Basic Sum Assured:Rs. 1,00,000
b)Maximum Basic Sum Assured:No limit
c)Policy Term:20 years
d)Premium Paying Term:15 years
e)Minimum Age at entry:13 Years Completed
f)Maximum Age at Entry:50 Years (Age Nearer Birthday)
g)Maximum Age at Maturity:70 years

FAQs about LIC MoneyBack Plan Online

Who can buy LIC Money Back Plan?

LIC Money Back Plan is one of the top selling Life Insurance plans in India. LIC Money Back plan is most suited for modern working women of young India. It offers great flexibility to fulfill all her needs. Also best suited plans for Software Engineers, Doctors, professionals and self Employed etc..

Do I pay the premium Monthly or Annually?

LIC premiums can be paid Yearly, Half yearly, Quarterly or Monthly. Yearly premium offers 2% discout, Half-yearly premium offers 1% discount. If you opt for Monthly premiums, NEFT will be set up, where in the Premium will be deducted from your bank account on the chosen date every Month.

How can I save Income Tax with this plan?

All premiums paid towards your LIC Money Back policy is considered for Income Tax savin gunder Sec 80c of Income tax act. You can invest upto Rs.1,50,000 under 80c and save tax upto Rs.46,800 every year.

When is the best time to start investing in LIC Money Back Plan?

Now is the best time!! Ideally one should start with tax saving LIC Money back policy as soon as possible. The younger you start your policy, the better benefits - Lower premium, Higher life cover, long term corpus building for retirement, save Tax from the start, disciplined savings habit from an early age. Also adequate life cover to start with.

When should I start LIC Moneyback in the Finanical Year for Tax Saving?

Any premiums paid between 1st April to 31st March is considered for tax saving for that financial year. If opting for Yearly premium payment mode, you can start the policy whenever convenient. If you are choosing other modes, then to save tax for the whole year, you can use the Date Backing option. You can contact us for further information on this.

Are the maturity benefits or returns from LIC Money Back Plan Tax free?

All returns or proceeds including the periodic money back amount, bonus, sum assured or surrender value from LIC Money Back plan are Tax free under Income Tax Act 10(10D)

The premiums can be paid Yearly, Halfyearly, Quaterly or Monthly.

Policyholder can avail loan on policy after 3 successful years of premium payment.

Your LIC policy bond will be issued after acceptance of your online proposal.

Bonus added to your policy at the end of every financial year and paid on maturity along with sum assured.

Why buy LIC MoneyBack Plan Online?