LIC Premium Payment

Now pay your LIC plan premium using various payment options. LIC has the best interest of its policyholders and has many modes through which policyholders can pay the premiums. Choose the one which suits you best.

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Premium payment through LIC website:

To make payments for their plans and policies in a secure and convenient manner, LIC has set up a special portal known as ‘Online Services’ which is an on-demand premium collection service. Through this portal, customers can easily make their policy payments in real-time, and in a secure manner via net banking. They can also make online payments for LIC policies via credit card or debit card. This facility can only be availed by customers who are registered and have had their LIC policies enrolled on the LIC website. Some important points to remember regarding payment via the Online Payment Gateway are:

  • Under this option, you will be required to click on ‘Pay Premium Online’.
  • Upon doing so, you will be redirected to a new page displaying two options – ‘Pay Direct (Without Login)’ and ‘Through Customer Portal’.
  • If you click on ‘Pay Direct (Without Login)’, you will be redirected to a page where you have to select from the following options –
    • Renewal premium/revival
    • Loan repayment
    • Advance premium payment
    • Loan interest payment
  • If you click on ‘Through Customer Portal’, you will be redirected to a page wherein you will be required to enter details such as user ID, password, birth date, and so on

LIC Online Premium Payment Through Net Banking (Non-Registered Users):

The convenience of making transactions is a facility which almost every bank in India now offers to its customers. This facility can come in especially handy when you have to pay premiums for your LIC policy online. The process for this is quite simple and hassle-free and one can easily do it on their own. Here, we will list down all the steps that you need to follow to make your LIC policy premium payment via the net banking option.

LIC Pay Direct

  • To pay your premiums, you need to first go to the LIC website. The URL for the website is You can simply type in the address on your browser to visit the website.
  • Once the website has opened, you will see a box labelled ‘Online Services’ which has several options underneath such as Online Loan, Customer Portal, Pay Premium Online, etc.
  • Under ‘Online Services’, click on the ‘Pay Premium Online’ tab to initiate the premium payment process for your LIC policy.
  •  When you click on the ‘Pay Premium Online’ tab, it will open a new tab altogether labelled ‘Pay Direct’. This page will display two squares, one labelled ‘Pay Direct’, and the other ‘Through Customer Portal’.
  •  If you have not registered your policy on the LIC website and simply want to pay your policy premium directly, you must click on the box labelled ‘Pay Direct’.
  • Inside the box, there will be 3 options in 3 separate boxes labelled ‘Pay direct – no registration required’, “Pay through e-services – Registration required’, and ‘View Transaction Status’. Inside the ‘pay direct’ box, you will see a drop down menu which gives 3 options – Renewal Premium, Loan Repayment, Advance Premium Payment, and Loan Interest Payment.
  • You must then click on the ‘Renewal Premium’ option from the drop down, which will take you to a new page which shows 3 boxes indicating the steps involved in the premium payment process. Below the boxes will be 2 tabs, one marked Back, and the other marked Proceed. Click on Proceed.

      Enter your Policy Details

  • The next page brings you to the first step of premium payment, which is Customer Validation. Here you must provide some policy related information. Specifically, you will be asked to provide your LIC policy number, your date of birth, your registered mobile number and email ID, and the instalment premium amount to be paid. Enter the basic premium amount and do not include the tax amaountAfter you have entered all this information, you will be required to enter a captcha code in the designated box as well.
  •  Once you have entered all the information and the captcha code, click on Submit.
  • Verify the information you have entered about your policy. After you have done so, click on the tab labelled ‘Checkout’.
  • The following page will again display a box with multiple columns which include your policy related information, along with individual columns for additional charges (if any) that will be added over the payable premium amount. These could be Service Tax, Education Cess, Late Fee, etc. The total premium amount payable will be shown in the box, along with a column ‘Pay Premium’. You need to tick the box under that column and then click on Submit.

       Make Payment using Netbanking

  • This brings you to the last step of the payment process where will confirm the premium details and also select the mode of making the payment. You can choose between making payment via net banking through the BillDesk Gateway, or via Credit/Debit card (IDBI Gateway).
  • Click on the BillDesk Gateway to make payment via net banking. This will bring you to a page displaying a list of banks to choose from. All major banks are supported by LIC’s online payment service so customers can easily make online payments.
  • Click against the bank with which you hold an account and want to use for net banking to make the premium payment. Click on Submit to confirm.
  • You will be led to your chosen bank’s net banking login page.
  • Complete the netbanking process.
  • You will receive the receipt on your registered Email id.